Inspired by "Klipped" from Tannen's Magic in New York City

Kings Fool
is the only business card
you'll EVER need,
and the only business card
guaranteed to make you money!

That's because Kings Fool is both
a business card AND a card trick.

For as little as $29.95
You will have an
unlimited supply
of business cards!

Or sell them as a trick
and you will have an
unlimited supply
of income!

The card trick effect:

Point out the King is clearly in the middle of the five cards.
Show them the back of the cards and ask them to
put a paper clip on the King of Hearts.

The optical illusion is so strong that people will want to show it to
their friends. Kings Fool will be shown to more people than any
other business card you will ever own.


"BY FAR, The most BRILLIANT idea for a magicians business card!" - Greg Rostami

"This is the best trade show giveaway since the 3 Card Monte!" - Erick Olson

"The professional quality cards are top quality and worth every penny.
I plan on showing this item to my trade show clients for the coming year.
I'm sure they will go crazy for them. Great Job Kipp! " - Seth Kramer

Magic Magazine - February 2007 Issue
"The more I think about this as a promotional tool, the more I like it." - Peter Duffie
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M.U.M. Magazine - March 2007 Issue
"Kipp has done his homework and has produced an excellent item here.
I recommend it highly." - Bill Palmer
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The Linking Ring Magazine - April 2007 Issue
"Great promotional Tool...The quality of the professional product is excellent
and is my recommended approach." - Mike Gorman
Click here to read the entire reveiw. - May 2007 Episode 084
"They do generate a lot of fun and conversation. They'll pay for themselves
many many times over. Heartely recommended." - Andy Charlton
Click here to hear the entire .mp3 reveiw.

Street Magic Magazine - Aug/Sept 2007 Issue
"I cannot express this enough: When you are able to have a spectator keep something
that you give them as a memento and trick, and it has your contact info on it,
then it's a no-brainer" - Duncan Richardson
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You can purchase Kings Fool
in one of two ways.

Make them yourself with the Do-It-Yourself Kit
Have them Professionally Printed

To find out which is best for you
or to make a purchase
click one of the "Info" buttons below

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Kings Fool demo (9 Meg).wmv

Kings Fool demo (40 Meg).mpg

Kings Fool pulls double duty

It's a Business Card It's a Card Trick
Make them on your own computer Have them made professionally
Customize them for yourself Customize them for your client
Give them as a business card Sell them as a magic trick

Trade Show Magicians

Offer your clients a value added service. Have the cards printed with your clients logo and business information, then use them as a trade show giveaway at the booth. Kings Fool business cards cost less than cheap giveaway pens and they will be shown to more people than the giveaway pen will be.

Restaurant and Cruise Ship Magicians

Custom print the Kings Fool business cards to say "I saw (magician) performing at (client)". Add your clients logo and get them to pay the cost, or split the cost with you.

Carnival and Fair Magicians

If you normally sell effects after your show, add Kings Fool to your product list and sell them for $2.00 each as a card trick. I'll bet you've never sold your business card before.

Stage Magicians

Radio stations are always looking for items to give away. Give them your Kings Fool business cards and get extra air time for FREE while promoting your upcoming show at the same time.

Every Magician

Since Kings Fool is not a standard size business card, it will not be tucked away into a business card file (or file 13). And the people that get one won't want to tuck it away, they will want to show it to all of their friends. That's multiple exposure for the same investment. I can't think of another business card that will be shown to multiple people.

Every Business

The real power of Kings Fool is multiple exposure for the same investment. It's just good business any time you can get other people to spread your name for you. It's all about the numbers! Your business doesn't need to be related to magic to benefit from the marketing power of Kings Fool business cards.

Make your purchase today

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Special Notice:
I tried to research who originally created the optical illusion used in Kings Fool and was unable to do so. It appears to be so old that it may be in public domain by now. But I would like to recognize those who have similar products on the market today, and who have granted permission for me to use the effect for Kings Fool.

Thank you for permissions granted by:
Steven Brown and the staff at Tannen's Magic in New York City for the inspiration of "Klipped" available at
Gene Rose at Loftus International in Salt Lake City for allowing me to create a product similar to "Foxy Lady" available at

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